2 PLAYERS | 5-15 MINUTES | AGE 12+


Be the last living Mortal


All six Mortals start in the initial configuration, separated by camps, team A on one side and team B on the other. The moment the game starts, all six Mortals begin their slow descent (losing health/time). Double-click resets all connected Blinks. Single-click starts the game (this propogates to all connected Blinks)


Each Mortal has 60 seconds to live. The only way to live longer is to steal life from other Mortals.

Players take turns moving a single Mortal from an outside location to a new location. Breaking the board to move multiple Mortals is also a legal move, as long as the board remains in 2 parts.

Technical Description

60 seconds of lifetime When moved alone, enter attack mode and Gain 5 seconds of life from each new neighbor When attacked, Lose 5 seconds of life in the direction of the attacker If 60 seconds expire, become a ghost If only one Mortal remains, celebrate the winner.