2 PLAYERS | 5-15 MINUTES | AGE 12+


Berry is a two-player competitive abstract strategy game. The goal is to make all Blinks a single color on your turn, or be the first to score 10 points.


Each player starts with 3 blue Blinks in their hand. (note the blue Blinks will signal that red is the next color in line)


Players take turns placing Blinks (attaching them together into one cohesive bunch). When a Blink is placed, you must tap the Blinks that it attached to (not the Blink you placed). If your Blink is attaching to 3 other Blinks, then you must also tap the Blink you placed. When all Blinks are placed, the game progresses in the same way, except you must pick a Blink, anyone that is in a legally2 movable location, and place it, once again, tapping the once it attached to. Tapping the Blinks advance them in color.

How do you know which color? Blinks advance in color from Blue -> Red -> Yellow -> Blue ... They also hint which color is next every couple of seconds, so you can just look at the single rotating pixel to know what your Blink will advance to. Lastly, you can remember the order because it sparked the name of the game, BeRrY, yeah, pretty cool.

What about scoring? When the player has moved their Blink and tapped the surrounding ones, they then tally the number of scoring shapes that are on the table. 3 in the shape of a triangle is worth 1 point, a diamond shape with 4 Blinks is worth 2 points. You can reference the chart below3 for scoring in Berry.

The game progresses with players taking turns until a player turns all 6 Blinks the same color or scores a total of 10 points.