Blinks (formerly AutomaTiles) will be at NYU's Global Game Jam

Note to fans: we’ve changed the name of our in-development product from AutomaTiles to Blinks. Syllabic conservation is a top priority here at Move38.


The Global Game Jam is a big yearly event where game makers around the world come together in various locations for a weekend of intense game design.

The New York University Game Center is always an active participant, and this year, Blinks will be featured, and we’ll award a prizes for the best Blinks games created during the Jam.

You can read more about Blinks and see them in action here and here, and you can see details about the Game Jam and register here. If you’re a game person and you’re anywhere near New York January 20-22, we’d love to have you there and will shower you with kisses or some other form of affection that doesn’t invade your personal space so much.

Game Jam Location

  • MAGNET, 8th Floor

  • 2 Metrotech Center

  • 8th Floor

  • Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • United States


  • Friday 7PM-12AM

  • Saturday 9AM-12AM

  • Sunday 10AM-8PM

If you’d like to follow our work and be notified when Blinks go to Kickstarter, sign up here

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