We’re hiring games astronauts to help us invent new kinds of play

We’re looking to hire an lead engineer / electrical engineer. If you’re one, please read this! If you’re not, please also read this! We’ll hire for other positions soon and we don’t want you to slip through the cracks.

If what follows overclocks your CPU, do get in touch.

About Us

At present, our team consists of two people:


  1. Jonathan Bobrow (left), a mathematician, designer and recent MIT Media Lab alum with nice hair.

  2. Nick Bentley (right), a balding game designer, game marketer, and former computational neuroscientist.

We founded Move38 to foster playfulness as a way of life. We think we’re at our best when we approach our lives playfully. It makes our thinking clearer, our learning faster, our work better, and us happier.

We’re pursuing that end by inventing modes of play that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t invent them. Games are our focus because they’re ferociously compelling and have a proven ability to live in culture for thousands of years. Not even architecture lasts that long (mostly).

We’re inventing hardware, tangible user interfaces, and game patterns. And we’re inventing this technology to support our mission, not the other way around. Our mission is, ultimately, to define the future of play and thereby change the way minds develop and solve problems.

Other Values

  • We sweat the details without getting lost in them.

  • We value our partners in life and we don’t neglect them.

  • We believe in thinking time.

  • We try to face our flaws with light hearts and work steadily to improve.

  • We value diversity, and not in a cover-our-asses HR kind of way.

Current Work

Our first project, the one for which we’re hiring, is a tabletop game platform with programmable components that can think for themselves, called AutomaTiles. It has a screenless, friendly, tactile interface, and it feels like a living thing. It offers a new play experience that builds intuition for principles to which kids (and many adults) aren’t otherwise much exposed.


Principles of, for example, distributed computation, nonlinear dynamics, and emergent complexity. Ideas critical for understanding the modern world but which even now are confined mostly to the walled gardens of academia and tech companies.

We emphasize our first priority for Blinks is to offer thundering fun. We object to chocolate broccoli: if you put chocolate on broccoli, it’s still broccoli. Likewise if you try to dress up an “educational” game with a veneer of “fun”.

So we’re devoted to making the system delightful all the way through, chocolate chocolate if you will, because that way lies playfulness. We learn best from the things we love most.


We’re looking for a great electrical engineer who loves her/his work, games and design thinking.

The inner workings of our products aren’t tucked away out of view; they’re accessible to the consumer and part of the product experience. We therefore need an engineer who thinks holistically about that experience, who understands the mechanical engineering, PCB design, firmware, etc., as an integrated ecosystem.


photo: Miguel Perez

In addition to technical qualifications, we’re looking for someone who can help build our culture. Here’s the ideal we’re shooting for:

  1. We help each other work, think, and live with uncommon intelligence

  2. We have more fun than anyone has a right to expect

  3. We become friends and project partners for life

We acknowledge these are ambitious goals. Achieving them (or even coming close) depends on what kind of people we are and how we carry ourselves. So we’re looking for someone who:

  • can enjoy others’ successes

  • prioritizes listening over talking (yet enjoy talking)

  • isn’t given to anger or apprehension

  • exhibits empathy, humility, and curiosity

How we’ll hire

We don’t think we can understand what someone is like from a resume and an interview. We want to spend time with you, ideally working. We favor hiring on contract for a short-term project at first, and if everyone is happy with the results, we get married. Mazel tov!


Your first project

Blinks exist, they function, and with the help of MIT Undergrad Joshua Sloane, they have polish. Nonetheless your first task will be to redesign them. Two reasons:

  • The lead engineer should completely understand and own the hardware.

  • The hardware must be transformed from an MIT Media Lab project into commercial product. For example the tiles need to be more robust, durable, and child-safe, with better power management and built for scale.

Bottom Line

If you’re an electrical engineer and you think we might make beautiful music together, tell us:

  • why Move38 is a great fit for you.

  • what your favorite childhood toy was and why.

Include 3 references and other evidence beautiful music will be made to jobs@move38.com.

If you’re not an electrical engineer but think you could make a vital contribution and want us to keep you in mind, do also get in touch.

We’re grateful to those who share this.

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