Blinks featured at NYU Global Game Jam & Finalist at SXSW

Blinks (formerly AutomaTiles), our smart tabletop game platform made of enchanted cellular automata, have been gaining traction in the new year and we thought it prudent to gloat about it here. So this is a gloating blog. A glog as it were. Here goes:

(Jan 20-22) A bunch of talented people got involved and cool ideas were had and pursued. Typical for an event where games are made in two days and no one sleeps, the implementations weren’t polished, but the ideas were good and we want to keep working on them (with the developers’ permission, of course).

The winner was a cooperative game called Skiplight where players launch propagating waves of color through an array of Blinks. The goal is to make the waves meet at certain target Blinks in the array, where the colors mix and change the target to some desired color. Here’s a video of the game (only sort of half-working at the time we took the video):


For their effort, Skiplight’s makers got the first Blinks dev kit we’ve ever given out to anyone. It was a thrilling moment for us and we hope it was for them.

Also, a shout out to another game I personally loved (and kicked profound ass at): Crossfire. In this game players flick their Blinks into a central arena, and if your Blink attaches to an enemy Blink when it’s in just the right state, it converts the enemy to its side. The player to convert all enemy Blinks to her side wins. Here’s me doing just that with, I daresay, style and panache (i’m blue):


Finally an honorable mention to Pols and Politics, another game of converting opponent Blinks, but in this case Pols and Politics is a strategy game where you’re building a support network for a Senatorial candidate while siphoning support from your opponent (unfortunately, no gif for that one).


Despite their continued prototypey-ness, Blinks have nonetheless been chosen as finalists in the “student” category at this year’s upcoming SXSW Festival. Our fearless leader Jonathan decided to exploit his last remaining year of eligibility for the student category, and it paid off. Which means we’ll be in Austin, Texas March 11-15. If you’ll be there, let us know. We can hang out. We like to keep our enemies close and our friends closer.

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